Muppet Movie is Great, And…

If you didn’t go see the Muppet Movie over the weekend… Go!

Kids in tow or not, it is a great use of your movie going time and for anyone who even kinda liked the Muppet Show it is a blast.  Self deprecating, funny, singsongy, and just a flat out good time.  Even grumpy old Dave White loved it, really.

But get there early for the very special short just before the movie.  Pixar has placed a 6-7 Toy Story mini movie with all the characters and a story that is pretty much better than 99% of anything else you’re going to see on the big screen.  Sure, it’s the same ol’ “missing toy in danger” line, but the misfit characters that you are introduced to when Buzz is accidentally left behind at a fast food joint kiddie play ground will have you in stitches… I’m sure I missed all kinds of funny stuff because I was laughing so hard.

So, go.  Double up on the movie fun.  Don’t be late and miss the Toy Story short, plus that is rude to the rest of audience, and please, no texting during the movie.  Seriously, you selfish bastard.