Now, with Commenting!

This site has enjoyed a bit of traffic since I started it a few weeks ago.  I appreciate everyone that has popped in to read a story or two.

Now, I want to start talking, discussing, snarking and finding out just how funny all of you are.  I’ve added two different ways to safely comment to the stories I post.  

First is Facebook.  Commenting will also share the story on your wall, so considering to the content on this site, I understand if that isn’t something you’d like to do.  I do hope that you share things on Facebook that you like just so that more people find the site.

Second is Disqus.  It is a commenting system that allows you to set up an account and is widely used across the net.  If you have a Disqus account, or set one up you will likely find plenty of other blogs/sites that you can use it there too.

Either way, I want to hear from you.

*side notes* – and go to the same site.  I bought both URL’s, but didn’t want to make two sites.  So if you’re finding the site because I pimped it on L&T as “thegeekout” and see a different title, that might help explain it.  Also, some of you have asked about this.   I am making zero money from this site.  The placement of the ad for “Ragged Edge” was something I wanted to do for a very small company who’s products I really like.  I have no plans to monazite the site, and frankly, it would have to get about 1500% more traffic before I could really make anything from it anyway.  It just for you and me… Our little secret website… smooches.