Mommy to-be Craves Roadkill

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Yes, that title is correct.

Alison Brierley of England is one of those people that doesn’t like things to go to waste.  Even roadkill.  She has for a long time made jewelry from the different left over body parts of dead animals found along the road.  She even has admitted to cooking up some of the animals for dinner and has been featured on a British TV cooking show.

Now, someone had sex with Alison.  She is pregnant.  And she claims to have cravings for “roadkill meat”.  Squirrel, deer, rabbit, pigeon, owls – whatever.

“[Roadkill meat] is more gamey than other meat and I love the taste. I also don’t have to feel guilty about eating it because I know it’s had a completely free range and natural life” said the lovely mom to be.

You’ll notice that she is sporting rubber gloves while finding the dead animals that she will consume.  “I don’t want to risk any infections that could hurt the baby,” she told the Daily Mail…

Of course not.  You wouldn’t want to do that.

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