Gaddafi Had Permanent, Dangerous Erection

Muammar Gadaffi was a living, breathing caricature of the stereotypical super villain.  Untold riches, master plans for world domination, crazy clothes, giant ego, evildoing, eccentric lifestyle and a never ending access to Viagra and chicks.

In his death we are learning more and more about the Lybian dictator, some of which is really gross and disturbing.  Like the fact the guy was bedding women up to four times a day, a least, and was taking so many Viagra that is nurse was trying to get him to cut back in fear he was going to damage his heart.

Gaddafi famously had an army of female bodyguard, and now we know it was also his harem as he reportedly had sex with all of them.  He also picked up chicks from the local university where he gave speeches, and just like a rock star would pick one out of the crowd, lead her to a nearby room on campus and have sex with her too.

Even more disturbing are reports that many of the women had to immediate go to the hospital right after sex with Gaddafi for “internal injuries” from being treated so badly or maybe because of the the “penis stretching machine” that he bought from the sex district of Paris.

Great, now I have this mental image of Gaddafi downing Viagra with his junk in some Rube Goldberg machine.  Thanks.

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