Damn It Canada! What’s Up With the Severed Feet?

This is an ongoing story that I covered on L&T several times.  The mystery of the severed feet that have been washing ashore in British Columbia for the last four years.  Yes, randomly feet, still in their shoe, have been found washed up on shores along the BC coast.  Just feet, no hands, heads, or nipples.

A ninth foot has now been found, but this time it was in fresh, not salt, water and was in a sock inside a hiking boot and not the normal running shoe.

Now, officials have explained that these feet had come apart from their associated legs naturally, through literally detaching from the water just breaking down the human tissue over long periods of time.  This last foot was in the water for at least ten years.   We know that six of the previously found feet had been from four people.

There has never been a satisfactory answer in my mind to the question that comes after the explanation of how these feet came off of the person.  I get that nature did that part… I want to know why people are floating dead in the water long enough that their parts are washing up on shore.  Are there really just dead people floating around in the ocean waters in such abundance?  I had no idea, its like when I found out that how South Park is made in a week.  Really, I need to understand and answers to the follow would be appreciated:

  • Why nine in four years?
  • Why just feet?
  • Why just in this area, are other feet washing up in Tampa, FL or Dover, England and aren’t reported?
  • Is this a turn on/off for anyone with a foot fetish?
  • Do they ever figure out if they come from someone that had been reported missing?
  • Do rotted, water logged feet smell better/worse than just plan dirty, unwashed feet?

This has to be alien abduction related.  They take someone, anal probe them, try and have forced alien/human copulation, the human ends up dying from the brutal nature of trying to stick an alien wang in a human orifice…. and then some of the rouge, funny aliens giggle as they leave feet in the waters off of British Columbia as a laugh…

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