Samsung is Outselling Apple

With a 44% jump in sales for the 3rd quarter of 2011, Samsung now leads smartphone sales worldwide with almost 28 million units.  Considering that Samsung just really got into this arena in the last year, the leap is impressive, but so are many of their new phones.  If Android is your operating system of choice, a myriad of options from Samsung are good places to start.  The Prime is due any day now and it promises to be an performance tour de force.  There is also the Epic, Infuse, Indulge and the just announced Note.

Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007 consumer options not just for operating systems, but phones of different shapes, capabilities and purpose are in abundance.  Prices have come down and quality has gone up.  Anyone wanting to buy a new smartphone simply cannot do wrong as long as they do their homework.

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