Parents Want Their Adolf Hitler Returned

Here’s a great follow up to an older story.

Heath and Deborah Campbell live in New Jersey and have three children.  The three cute little blonde haired kiddos are only different in that their names are, well, different.

Adolf Hitler, JoyceLyn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, have been in child protective custody for 33 months and the parents are claiming that despite being cleared on abuse allegations the children have not been returned to them.

This started in 2009 when the parents asked a Wal-Mart to put Adolf’s name on a birthday cake.  This started an investigation, the parents reportedly were found to also collect Nazi memorabilia and the children were taken into custody over “tangible evidence” of abuse or neglect.

Now cleared, they want their kids back and are insisting this is simply over their choice of names.

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