This is the World’s Most Interesting Man

Screw that old Ricardo Montalban rip-off.  This guy is far more interesting.

You remember Caius Veiovis, don’t you?  If not, you haven’t been watching the interweb because this mugshot was a huge viral hit back in September when he and two other fellows (not anywhere near as fascinating to look at) were arrested in the the case of three men who’s bodies were found in a trench .  Yesterday the three were indicted in the deaths.

But that’s another story.. You want to hear about “Caius”.  He is reportedly a “Sargent of Arms” in the Hell’s Angels, he has a record that includes a conviction for aggravated assault in connection of the ritualistic drinking of blood belonging to a 16 year old girl.  In that case the teen accused Caius and his girlfriend of assaulting her, cutting a 7-inch gash in her neck and then drinking her blood and making out in front of her.

Obviously he’s into Satan, devil worship, thinks he’s a vampire and “Hello Kitty” (that last one I made up)

Caius wrote to the Berkshire Eagle to send condolences to the families of the dead men, but really he wanted to chide the media for claiming that his current name originated from the Twilight movies.  His real name is Roy C Gutfinski Jr.

Though I do hear tell and I hear that it has been printed that I took my name from the movie “Twilight.” Pop culture inspires me to vomit hot blood and I promise you I have never seen this silly movie, nor have I read the books, nor would I ever — even now — waste my time with such useless drivel. My first and middle chosen names were inspired and taken from the great Roman emperors Caligula and Nero, my last — from an ancient Etruscan daemon. Anyone who knows me should have told you this — I suggest you check your sources.

Actually the above quote was pretty much the full body of the letter, the condolences about the death of the men was actually a mere post script.

Caius has an extreme level of body art, with a “666” tattoo’d on his forehead, centered between two implants that make for under the skin horns, a giant nose septum piercing, his tongue has been forked and a whole load of other demonic based pieces I’m sure his mom was really proud of.

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