Man Stuck IN Tree. Emphasis on “IN”

Yesterday we had the story of the guy getting stuck in a kids swing and left by his friends.

Today we have a guy in Orange County, CA who was found stuck IN, and by “in”, I mean he literally was in a hollow part of a tree.

He, like the last fellow, was found because someone heard him screaming and it took firefighters 90 minutes to cut the tree away to set him free.  The tree looks like an old dead tree with a hollow section through the middle and a sizable hole near the base.  The man’s body was far enough into the tree that not only was his legs underground, but only from his shoulders up was he exposed to the outside.

No reason or explanation was given as to how or why he was in the tree, but there was a mention that a “mental health official was called to the scene”.


via Orange Country Register (with more pics)

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