Man-baby Sucks off Gov’t Teet – Legally

This is Stanley Thornton, you’ve probably seen him on the Nat Geo special “Taboo”.  He’s the guy that spends most of his life dressed and acting like a baby.  To the point he had an enormously obese woman (who died back in July) care and mother him.  Yeah, she was feeding him, changing his diapers and other awesomely creepy stuff like that.

The outrage came from the fact that the two of them were living exclusively off their government benefits.  The show aired, people complained, but this week it was announced that Thornton was not committing fraud and would continue to get his SSI checks.  The program people with disability with little or no income.  Somehow Stanley has convinced the government that his baby play fetish is the by product of a childhood filled with abuse which makes it impossible for him to find employment.

He does want everyone to feel better because he’s only used some of the SII money to buy baby related stuff like, “wipes, powder and rash cream”.

I feel better now.  Thanks Stanley.

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