The Sins of Your Bootlegging Past…

So it appears that all of those songs you pirated from the net are going to be forgotten and forgiven.

It started with the announcement of the soon to be released iTunes Match, the new Apple service that will scan all of the song on your computer, both legit and those obtained illegally, and provide you access to them via a cloud rather than having to store them on different devices.  Once announced, the idea that Apple had somehow worked out the issue of bootlegs with the record companies seemed improbable, but that in fact appears to be exactly what happened.

We now know that Apple will scan those boots and put them in your cloud space and no one will say anything about it or ask you how you came about owning it.  All you gotta do is pay your $25 a year for the service.

Now we are hearing that Google is likely to launch a similar service, Google Music, sometime later this year.  EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal are reportedly in some stage of talks with Google about the service, setting fee agreements and all of that big-biz hand wringing.

And just like the Apple service, it sounds like pirated music will be allowed into the Google setup without a 2nd look.  Of course you’ll pay a fee of some sort, but depending on how many songs you’ve lifted over the years, that will probably turn out to be a very small amount per song.

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