It Happened In Florida

Patricia Siciliano, 41, has been arrested on domestic battery, child abuse, resisting arrest and three counts of batter on a law officer after she and her family attended…

wait for it….


…Blue Oyster Cult concert.

You can guess where this is going.

Yes, a fight started between the woman and her teenage son when he became scare of her drunk driving with him and the father in the truck reaching speeds of 110mph.  After they pulled over the kid took the keys and gave them to the dad.  Now, with the drunk dad driving, Patricia, now drunk and pissed off, began hitting the kid and the father and this continued until the truck ran out of gas.

The kid called the cops, she was arrested and preceded to kick the windows of the patrol car and spit on the officers.

And, it happened in Florida.

via the Orlando Sentinel

The Essential Blue Öyster Cult

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