Ice Cream Sandwich To Debut

Android users get a big gift today when the newest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, will finally be revealed along with the hopes of ending the fragmentation issues that

Is this the new Samsung Nexus?

plauge Android.

While the newest Apple operating system, iOS5, obviously mimics many features that have long been standard in Android, the latter has always suffered from its lack of consistency across the many devices, especially once tablets began production.  Where with Apple, iOS is the same on an iPhone as it is on an iPad, even across the variations of devices, there are currently an almost incalculable number of combinations of Android phones, tablets and operating systems.

It’s made for a tough haul for developers as bugs in one version exist, and not in others.  When bugs are fixed in one, they then appear in others.

Ice Cream Sandwich promises to solve those issues with a unifying experience.  The Samsung Nexus phone, due to be revealed soon, will be the first device with the OS and looks to be a beast of performance and user experience.  If the sneak peeks and spy shots of the phone hold true, the sexy, curved glass shape will be something that Apple would approve of.

More to come as details are given.

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