Meet Dr. Brown – Satan’s Favorite Dad?

The Houston Press has been following this hand surgeon who throughout the last several years has been accused and arrested for a whole lot of crimes including wife abuse, cocaine and lost his medical license.  The guy has been married several time, each ending in the woman accusing him of battery or abuse.   But that isn’t why he’s here on this site.

Why, is because of the Press’ coverage, in three parts, of the Dr’s letters to his his daughter, Sophie.  Titled, “”Letters to Sophie: The Brilliant, Sensitive Personality Exposed (formerly, bipolar),” these reportedly were written in 2000, about the time Sophie was – a year old.

These letters are essentially marriage/sex eduction primers.  She was a year old.  These are some of the most disturbing things you will read, especially when you take the circumstances into consideration.  Here’s a good quote:

Yes, both man and wife should and will enjoy mutually fulfilling sex — together (it is never fulfilling if you cheat — temporary pleasure and immeasurable guilt forever). Yet, the man physically requires more sex to prevent hypertestosteronism and the…resultant idiocy of the male. Sex doesn’t always have to make you see stars. Typically, it’s the man doing most of the work. You are wise, not weak, to simply give him his 10 minutes of pleasure. Act like your enjoying it and he’ll only take 5 minutes [sic]. Then, don’t forget to tell him how wonderful he was.

Uh, yeah… Trust me, this isn’t the best part or the worst.  But its wholly entertaining.




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