Me & Mr Jobs

Following Apple’s announcement of the iPhone4S on Tuesday, I just had a sense that something was off and just not right. I assumed it was that Jobs wasn’t there, but now we all know there was a larger cloud hanging over the event.

Seconds after I learned of his death, it dawned on me just how pervasive Apple, and more specifically Steve Jobs, has been a part of my life.

I learned Basic on an Apple IIc in middle school in the early 80’s. Thru laziness I didn’t follow up and my programming career was over fast.

In high school, I had an Apple IIe which helped me waste 1000’s of hours playing “Wizardry” instead of printing homework on my dot-matrix printer and saving it on those giant 5.25″ floppies.

In college I had a very cool Macintosh SE20… which sat unused.

About 1990 I abandoned Apple, like most people, and discovered Windows and the internet. That lasted until I discovered OSX, how perfectly easy it was to connect to a network and how much better it was than Windows in ever way.

Then my first iPod which literally changed my music listening life.

Since then I have bought at least 15+ other Apple products.

This has been a lifelong relationship for me. The death of Steve Jobs has made me realize that fact in a way I’d never really considered. I can’t think of another product so intertwined in my daily life.

Thank you Steve.