The Ol’ Hidden Camera Trick…

Dave McMillen, a 52 year old science teacher is in trouble for using his camera.

The Selah, Washington teacher resigned after police investigated reports that students found a hidden camera in a girl’s desk.  The camera was placed in a manner it would take “up skirt” pictures of the girl while sitting at the desk.  The two inch camera was found after a student knocked it loose.

Police have confirmed that computers have been confiscated from McMillen’s home and surely have a hard drive full of Photoshop hilarity.

No charges have been filed yet, but from the looks of his yearbook photo, he’s as guilty as shit.

via UK Daily Mail

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Shopping Cart to the Head

47 year old Marion Hedges was walking in the parking lot of a East Harlem Target Sunday night when a shopping cart fell on her head.

The cart, which came from the top of a four story parking garage Hedges was walking by, was pushed off by two 12-year old boys.

The two have been arrested and charged with assault.


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7,000,000,000 Earthlings

Yesterday, today, tomorrow or sometime soon – media outlets are reporting that Earth is about birth it’s seven billionth person from between its baby making legs.

That is one worn out uterus.

Seven billion is pretty incredible considering it was six billion just a dozen years ago, and in 1900 it was only 1.6 billion – and it took 50,000 years to get to that number!  So in 111 years Earth’s population has jumped 5.4 billion people…

Of course all of this creates all kinds of hysteria, worries and concerns.  Food shortages, effects on the environment, class warfare and where are we putting all of these people.  Most of the 382,000 daily births are taking place in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  And the good news is that the actual growth rate has slowed since its peak in the 1960’s.

Of course if the 7 billionth IS born on Halloween… maybe it’s Damie

Film poster for The Omen. Copyright 2002, © 20...

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$17 and You Could Get Lucky With This

Janet Overdurf is one hot piece of ass.

So imagine the surprise of the lucky guy that was approached by her with the offer of oral sex for only $25!!!

Janet also isn’t much of a business woman as she was actually negotiated down to a mere $17.  Of course the man she tried to make the sale to was undercover police and he arrested her.

But, as a bonus, during the search of her person, it was found that Janet had a, “crack pipe in her crotch area”!   I have to guess that smoking crack is only improved if it has the sweet stench of your sweat from your va-jay-jay on it.

 via NWF Daily News

You Wanna be Nightwing?

The extremely well received Batman: Arkham City will have a new piece of downloadable content tomorrow (Nov 1) when players can play as the sidekick, Nightwing.

Nightwing from The New Batman Adventures. Art ...

Image via Wikipedia

The game has already sold almost five million copies.   Nightwing will come with new challenge maps and will cost you $6.99 from the Playstation Network or 560 Microsoft points from Xbox 360 Live marketplace.

Robin, the more well-know Batman sidekick will be available as a download on November 22nd.

Here’s a trailer…


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Google TV Getting an Update

Version 2.o will hit Sony TV’s and Logitech set top boxes in the coming weeks for Google’s attempt to hone in on your TV viewing.

The first version was received with a luke warm response in sales (the price for the set top box was too high and dropped from $249 to $99 after more were returned than sold) and the functionality just wasn’t there.  2.0 promises a much better experience with an improved You Tube interface, better search UI and access to the Android Marketplace where users will find a filtered selection of apps that run within Google TV.

If you’re not familiar with Google TV, you’re in the majority, but the idea is a good one.  An user interface, on your TV that allows you to search across multiple sources to look for content… Want to find a season one episode of Breaking Bad?  Type in the search and Google TV looks in your cable and satellite listings, also within any media you have stored at home (a home network), or if its online somewhere it will present that search result too.

This is where TV viewing is going, and much like what is being discussed with the rumored Apple TV Jobs was last working on.

While the software upgrade will release soon, there are no plans for new hardware until 2012.

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Samsung is Outselling Apple

With a 44% jump in sales for the 3rd quarter of 2011, Samsung now leads smartphone sales worldwide with almost 28 million units.  Considering that Samsung just really got into this arena in the last year, the leap is impressive, but so are many of their new phones.  If Android is your operating system of choice, a myriad of options from Samsung are good places to start.  The Prime is due any day now and it promises to be an performance tour de force.  There is also the Epic, Infuse, Indulge and the just announced Note.

Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007 consumer options not just for operating systems, but phones of different shapes, capabilities and purpose are in abundance.  Prices have come down and quality has gone up.  Anyone wanting to buy a new smartphone simply cannot do wrong as long as they do their homework.

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It Happened in Florida: Pizza War

Two managers from a central Florida Domino’s have been charged in the arson of a rival Papa John’s location.

Sean Everett Davidson, 23, and Bryan David Sullivan, 22 are in jail after being accused of burning down the other store after admitting that by getting rid of the competitor more pizza purchases would come their way.

But now that Domino’s has “Artisan Pizza”, really, was the fire necessary?

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Haunted House Worker Found Hanging

A St Louis area haunted house called, “Creepyworld” had a real scare when a 17 year old female worker was found hanging from a noose. How the girl got into the noose or why is still under investigation, but police did say they think it was an accident.

She is in critical condition after being found unconscious and her name hasn’t been released

The park is a fake village owned by a company that owns another park and has designed over 200 different parks.


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What’s McRib McMade Of?

Every once in a while McDonald’s rolls out the good ‘old McRib, run a billion commercials and fans of the sandwich go nuts.

While I am sure that you could do this same study on just about any fast food product, some of the stuff that makes up a McRib is just downright disturbing.


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

TIME has done a story that breaks down the ingredients, which is about 70.  Some have crazy scientific names that sound wholly inedible like, ammonium sulfate and polysorbate 80.  The one that is catching everyone’s eye is, azodicarbonamide — “a flour-bleaching agent most commonly used in the manufactur[ing] of foamed plastics like gym mats the and soles of shoes” according to the TIME article.


The actual meat part of the sandwich is the delectably named, “restructured meat product”, which is different parts of the pig – tripe, heart and stomach.

If a McRib is made out of that stuff, one can only imagine the stuff that goes into a Taco Bell Supreme Chapula XL.

thanks @U2gator for the request

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