The one where Oscar Pareja breaks up with FC Dallas

Oscar Pareja was always going to leave FC Dallas, someday. I just wasn’t prepared for it to be now. My thinking has always been when he did leave the Huntsmen for his next challenge it would either be because he had achieved success or because he had come to realize he never could. Looks like the latter got here first. It is official. The […]

The Huntsmen T-Shirt, y’all

Black Mirror watching advice

The British TV series, Black Mirror, lives in my top five all-time favs.  It has also been a most divisive show and one I spend a lot of time defending.  It’s also the only show I’ve ever had to devise a recommendation on how best to consume. Here’s the deal.  Now that the show is […]

VAR – Soccer’s New Normal

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the recession that followed the concept of a “New Normal” was born. Basically, the change was so foundational what once would have been considered a temporary shift, was now in fact, the norm. With the global* introduction of  the Video Assistant Referee system, or “VAR”, soccer is finding its […]